Philadelphia Gay News

I had the joy of being interviewed by writer, Suzie Nash, for my work at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!


The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!

I have the joy of working at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire from July 18th to October 31st! I am performing in several stunt shows as Maggie Cutters, the Shire Butcher. Make sure to stop by for a glorious festival day!


Tournament of Arms

Action Shots

Quarterstaff 1.JPG

Grudge Match

Tremaine vs. Cutters

Fight partner; Ilana Lo
Picture by Luria Visuals

Quarterstaff 2.JPG

Grudge Match

Tremaine vs. Cutters

Fight Partner; Ilana Lo
Picture by Luria Visuals


Spartan Training!

During the pandemic I have discovered a love for spartan training! Throughout the year I have been learning new skills while having the opportunity to compete in several socially distanced competitions.

Spartan Pic 1.JPG

Lucky #17

It's not a race without finger guns


300 Pound Tire Flip

Placed 3rd in my age group (18-29)


75 Pound Atlas Stone

My first competition.


Graduated College

My incredible WebCo family and I are the newest graduating class of The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University! I am proud to take on the world with these incredible artists who are ready to change the world as we know it for the better.